Your best drinking buddy ever

Rock the party and get home safely with Beer Goggles and Google Glass

Responsible drinking made fun

Beer Goggles is a Google Glass app that helps you track your blood alcohol in a fun and easy way.

1. Enter your size and weight

2. Identify your drinks with Google Glass

3. Keep an eye on your blood alcohol

One glass for all your drinks

Easily keep track of all your drinks, and the people you drink with, thanks to your Google Glass

Control your alcohol intake

BeerGoggles estimates your blood alcohol and tells you how you are going to feel later on

Take your friends home safely

Heavy night out? BeerGoggles notifies you when a friend needs your help to find their way home

A party you'll never forget

Beer Goggles displays a private timeline of the drinks you've had with your friends

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Favorite drink: White Russian


Favorite drink: Gin & Tonic


Favorite drink: Raspberry Collins


Favorite drink: Gin & Tonic


Favorite drink: Vodka Pago Strawberry

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